Kirsten und S ROE Buchholzer are Die Mantiker – The Mantics

Kirsten und S ROE Buchholzer are „Die Mantiker – The Mantics ( They live in Hamburg, Germany and are working as coaches, authors and teachers with Tarot, Astrology and other oracle technics. ROE also specialises in the Gypsy cards which originate from his homeland Austria.

The Higher Secrets of Hope
The lovely Gypsycards are full of the energy of the High Priestess. Especially the card „Hope“ has much in common with this Tarot Trump. In his talk ROE will initate you into the deeper meanings of this card and share a fantastic spread with you, based on the work of the famous German Tarot expert Hajo Banzhaf.

The Path of the Priestess
What exactly is the connection between Trump II and XX? Kirsten will discuss the deeper meaning and share a spread.