Welcome to Stockholm International Tarot Conference 2023

Welcome to Stockholm International Tarot Conference 2023
Date: 13 – 14 of May 2023.
Probably there will be a Friday Evening Meeting Up as well. More information will come, of course.

The theme for this conference will be The High Priestess.
There will be a lot of interesting workshops about this card and theme.

Speakers will be both amazing international and Swedish teachers, authors and developers of Tarot. There will be some worshops about other cartomancies as well.

More information about the conference 2023 will come about speakers, price, place and recommended hotels or hostels.

Interpretation will be available of course, from English to Swedish, and from Swedish to English.

Kim Arnold, organizer of UK Tarot Conference since 2003, will be support this conference both as speaker and with mentoring the organisation.

About Kim
Kim is the author of “Tarot Masters” and “Tarot Made Easy” published by Hay House and the accompanying book of “The Gothic Oracle” published by Lo Scarabeo. She is also the Co-Founder of “The Esotoracle” magazine.

Her previous projects have included a one-woman sell-out performance at the Barons Court Theatre, London. She was also retained as a Tarot Consultant by the Producers of the movie the “The Wolf Man” on location at Pinewood Studios. She collaborated with Geraldine Chaplin in advising and preparing Ms Chaplin for her role in on how to appear authentic and knowledgeable when reading tarot in the movie.

Kirsten und S ROE Buchholzer are „Die Mantiker – The Mantics (www.diemantiker.de). They live in Hamburg, Germany and are working as coaches, authors and teachers with Tarot, Astrology and other oracle technics. ROE also specialises in the Gypsy cards which originate from his homeland Austria.
The Higher Secrets of Hope
The lovely Gypsycards are full of the energy of the High Priestess. Especially the card „Hope“ has much in common with this Tarot Trump. In his talk ROE will initate you into the deeper meanings of this card and share a fantastic spread with you, based on the work of the famous German Tarot expert Hajo Banzhaf.
The Path of the Priestess
What exactly is the connection between Trump II and XX? Kirsten will discuss the deeper meaning and share a spread.

From Sweden: Rosie Björkman, the greater of the Tarotdeck of Jolanda the third, in cooperation with the artist Hans Arnold.
Lisa Cronstedt, researcher of Jungian Tarot.

All workshops will be translated to Swedish and English.

Price for the conference:  250 Euro
Early bird – booking before 30 of December: 200 Euro
Email to (rose@stockholmtarot.se)
for information of PayPal- or bank account