Welcome to the Stockholm International Tarot Conference online May 2021

8-9 of May 2021 ONLINE

Welcome to a weekend filled of wonderful Tarotspeakers – and give yours a opportunity to go deeper in your knowledge of Tarot. Its a marvelous program we have for the Stockholm International Tarot Conference online 8:th and 9:th of May 2021.

Theme for the Conference is The Magician – and that is so much to dive in.

Some of the speakers:
International speaker, Tarot author and honored guest: Kim Arnold, organizer of UK Tarot Conference.

International speaker, cartomancy author and honored guest: Toni Puhle, Tarot,Lenormand and Kipper expert.

Chris Butler, great Tarotteacher and created of the great Healing Light Tarot.

Juliet Sharman has been practising astrology and tarot for over twenty years. Creator of the Mythic Tarot.

Marion K Kirk has been a tarot professional for over fifteen years. She is a fourth generation intuitive and continues her family tradition of working with methods of divination, in particular tarot from her base in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kirsten Buchholzer is an experienced tarotteacher and leader of the German TarotVerband.

Jane Matthew, teacher in tarot and mediumship at World Diviniation Association.

Liz Dean is the author of 18 books and card decks, including Nature’s Hidden Oracles, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, Game of Thrones Tarot, The Magic of Tarot and Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want. She has taught at the Omega Institute, New York; in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney for the Tarot Guild of Australia; and at the London Tarot Conference and London Tarot Festival. Her current areas of interest include intuitive symbol reading, divination in nature, poetry, and tarot as creative practice. She lives by the sea in Roker, Sunderland, in north-east England. www.lizdean.info www.switchwordspower.com

María Alviz Hernando is a Tarot reader, teacher and international speaker whose passion is all things divination! Spanish born and raised, she can be found among cats and an unholy amount of decks of multiple systems. She’s the Master Tarot Teacher at the World Divination Association, where she shares her experience with the intent of making Tarot approachable, practical and easy to understand. You can learn more about María at www.thesibylstarot.com

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